• Speakers :Dr Warnick
  • Subject :Abstract: The idea of a body so dense that not even light can escape goes back to a former Fellow of Queens’, John Michell in 1783. Black holes, as such bodies are now known, took on a new importance with Einstein’s theory of relativity proposed in 1915 and in particular with the solution found by Karl Schwarzschild shortly after. They are now believed to play an important astrophysical role. The mathematical study of black holes has grown into a fascinating subject at the intersection of geometry, analysis and physics. In this talk I will give some historical perspectives on black holes as well as presenting some more modern research.
  • Location :Erasmus Room - Queens' College
  • Date/Time :Wednesday 15th November


A variety of short talks about our summer research projects

  • Visualising Network Meta-analyses - Navid - Medical Statistics
  • Outlier Detection in High Dimensional Data - Sheng - Machine Learning
  • b-Bit Minwise Hashing - Tom - Machine Learning

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